August 8, 2020

In a recent Facebook post, I opened a can of worms to air out. As I took the liberty to praise and support Prof. Liverpool’s article on the late Rudy “Pharoah” Piggott. I also took the opportunity to present Prof Liverpool not as Chalkdust to play with the associated or connotation of a valued premise. At the head of the FB share I wrote — Wonderful article and caption of T&T’s Pharoah, The Fountainhead, cultural griot Rudy Piggott by Professor Hollis Liverpool.

Prof.Liverpool cited the missing of the cultural icon in the chronicles of Queens Royal College’s OBA 150th Aniversary celebration brochure. As Bob Marley’s lyrics quoted from scriptures

“The stone that the builder refused will always be the head cornerstone”

Prof. Liverpool crafted with the opportunity to address the value of this amazing scholar, thinker, and cultural intelligence and teacher. T&T with all its showered boasts of its culture can miss the foundation stone essential for its substance. The story about the mind and heart of the Pharoah is a necessary reflection and study for Caribbean students of history, culture, and media. Enjoy the read.

Caribbean Renaissance Foundation