The Caribbean Renaissance Foundation

The Caribbean Renaissance Foundation

Building an integrated Caribbean. Shaping the future of the Caribbean by preserving our heritage, through the advancement of the arts, science, education, culture and tourism.

Interweaving Projects & Portfolios

Carnival Arts Village Education Program

(see portfolio)

Caribbean Rainbow Culture Coalition

A youth empowering and mentoring project for the Caribbean (Caribbean Identity Revitalization)

Caribbean Visionary Lecture Series

CVLS in Learning Environments (schools, universities etc.) Lecture discourses series with Caribbean visionary leaders in arts and sciences. Insights, new ideas within their discipline and vision are explored perpetuating CRF’s mission.

ABCD Rhythm Festival

The Caribbean is known for its multicultural melding and a co-mingling. Through this co-mingling, there are facets of a world of music and rhythms. Rhythms from Africa, Latin Americas, East Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and Europe as well as the native Amerindian and its own inter-Island vibe. Born into this coagulating fusion of rhythms are some of the world’s top drummers.

Resonating Affinities (Programs)

An annual conference that includes cultural, educational and tourism ministries; corporations and NGOs throughout the Caribbean. The purpose of the conference is to discuss ideas, new information and ways to enhance Caribbean Culture, the global village.

Cultural Icons

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  • I came from a place that likes grandeur, It likes large gestures , it is not inhibited by flourish, it is a rhetorical society. It is a society of physical performance, it is a society of style.

    Derek Walcott

  • I could tell a hundred tales of old Gods, the African ones, and of men they made into kings or heroes or creatures, at very least, half strange, who wander through the canebrake yet-if you wish to believe a granny or a mountain child.

    Geoffrey Holder

  • For nothing was created in the British West Indies, no civilization as in Spanish America, no great revolution as in Haiti or the American colonies. There was only plantations, prosperity, decline, neglect the size of the islands call for nothing else.

    V Naipaul

  • The flight of the Slave and the search for Self” is the essential meaning of the WestIndian life, I believe. The vantage point spoken of at the beginning is the standpoint of the slave, which we must learn to accept as a reality.

    Martin Carter

  • The WestIndies was handed to us in a state of fragmentation; with a certain class of leadership, with an economy of dependence; with a culture of dependence; and with the propaganda of victimhood and defeat surrounding us.

    Earl Lovelace

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